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We are Absolutturnus — a unique blend of experience, innovation and expertise. We accompany you on your journey from the first idea to the finished product. In doing so, we have built a broad network of producers, directors, creatives and thinkers. At your disposal in-house.

core crew

Here you can see the members of the core crew — always hard at work to make this experience happen.


Chandra Marquart

Producer, Director & Partner

As a graduate of the artschool Liechtenstein, trained graphic designer and independent startup entrepreneur in the film, design and consulting industry, Chandra Marquart has found Absolutturnus as a partner. As managing director he ambitiously leads this flexible corporate film company into the future.


Patrick Mader

Producer, Concepter & Partner

As a trained carpenter, Patrick finds the detour into the film industry through event videos. His flair for creativity, coupled with his learned pragmatism, leads to extraordinary, innovative and unconventional solutions. Since 2022 he is part of the management of Absolutturnus.


Reiner Roduner

Senior Producer, Director & Partner

As founder of the general company Absolutturnus and co-founder of Seed Audio-Visual Communications and Shining Film, he has created the most successful network for audiovisual productions in Switzerland. Reiner Roduner lectures audiovisual media at SAWI, conducts workshops at F+F Kunstschule Zürich and is a board member of the Swissfilm Association.


Gian Niggli

Camera, Creative & Innovation

As a filmmaker and trained polygrapher with vocational baccalaureate, image design is his passion. However, his skills go far beyond what he learned, he creates bombastic image compositions and this in the real as well as the virtual world.


André Kühni

Production Assistant

After graduating from SAE Zurich in Digital Film Production he joined Absolutturnus and supports us as Production Assistant. André Kühni helps us with the planning and implementation of projects.


Daniela Helm


Behind every company there is a person who takes care of the finances. In our company the master of numbers is Daniela Helm. With almost 20 years of experience as an accountant in the sometimes very complex film industry, she is irreplaceable for Absolutturnus.

modular expert crew

here are the experts we're usually working with — to make your projects as individual as possible.


Pascal Holzer

Postproduction Coordinator

Pascal Holzer's many years of experience in postproduction are indispensable to Absolutturnus. As Head of Postproduction in the film network, he coordinates all visual effects. From 2D motion graphics animations in social media content to CGI explosions in SRF series.


Simon Hardegger


Simon Hardegger makes our films colorful. As a trained colorist, he gets the most out of every shot. He also knows almost all post-production programs like no one else. Feel free to challenge him!


Vera Gut

Motion Graphics & VFX

Complex factual content can be explained simply in animated graphics. After graduating from the Zurich University of Arts, Vera Gut found her way into post-production and is now our motion design expert.


Serge Höltschi

Director | Producer | Cinematographer

Serge Hoeltschi is first and foremost a visual storyteller who, both as a director and as a cinematographer and photographer, reveals the personal and human in his work. It is this curiosity about people, the obvious passion for his work and his extensive technical experience that make his images so compelling. He developed the world's first Photogrammetry High-Res-Life-Action recording system.

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